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1. Selecting a Card
    • Is there a purpose of buying an online phone card?
    • The various types of Phone Cards
    • How to look for the best rates offered?
    • How to select the right online phone card?
    • What are the charges levied in a calling card?

2. Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is there an option to purchase more of a same refillable phone card?
    • Can I change my phone number that is registered with the site?
    • Is there a procedure to register different phone numbers to the refillable phone card?
    • Can I register with a same phone number or the same name for all the refillable phone cards I purchase?
    • Is there a process to refill the permanent PIN?
    • Is there an option to find the balance and the remaining minutes left in my calling card?
    • In the Jupiter calling card, is there an option retrieve the forgotten password?

3. Creating Online and Registering Your Account
    • Is it necessary to create or register an account?
    • What is the process of creating or registering my account?
    • What is the procedure to follow if I have not received any confirmation even after registering my information in your site?
    • Is there an option to create many accounts?
    • What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
    • What do I do changing my email (especially for existing customers)?
    • Is there a process to alter "My Profile" or the registration information?

4. Making Online Payment and Placing the Order
    • How to make a placement online for an order?
    • What is the mode of payment?
    • How will I know that my online financial transaction is protected and safe?
    • What is meant by the CSC code?
    • What do I do if my I'm unable to make a payment online?

5. Verification
    • Is there a necessity to verify a purchase or an order? What is the meaning of Verification Process?
    • What is the period of time taken to complete a verification process?
    • What are the advantages as a verified customer?
    • What do I do if I get a letter regarding verification from you even though I'm already verified?

6. Receiving your Dialing Instructions and PIN
    • Acquiring your new phone card
    • Getting your PIN Number and Dialing Instructions
    • What to do if I do not receive the PIN information within 15 minutes
    • Retrieving the Access Number and the lost Pin Information

7. How to use your calling card
    • How to make a call?
    • Is there a possibility to find if the calling card has the Local Access Numbers?
    • What is the difference between making a call from the US landline or a cell phone?
    • What is the information to notice when I'm calling from a cell phone?
    • What happens if we call from a Payphone?
    • The dialing process could be simplified and time saving by using the speed dialing:

8. Common Solutions to Problems
    • If I get trouble with my phone card, whom do I contact?
    • What are the reasons for the lesser amount of minutes displayed when compared with the website?
    • What do I do if I am charged though my call did'nt get connected?
    • What do I do if I do not receive a connection?
    • What can I do if I get a message stating the PIN number is invalid?

9. Account Savings and Options
    • Purchase report
    • My Permanent PIN
    • Savings Account
    • My Profile

10. Glossary of Phone Cards
    • Access Number
    • Connection Fee
    • CSC Code
    • Destination Number
    • Local Access number
    • Maintenance Fee
    • Pay Phone
    • Pay Phone Surcharge
    • PIN Free Access
    • PIN
    • Refillable Phone Card
    • Rounding
    • Service Taxes and Surcharges
    • Toll Free Access Number
    • Validity period