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Conference Calls Operator Assisted Conference Calls – Advantages
Article added: 2 October 2011
The Teleconferencing has become very popular among many companies or business men. In this way of communication, the members are allowed to speak to each other through the phone irrespective of their distance. Thus, by the method of teleconference, people involved in business save huge money which usually occurs with the traveling and its related e... read entire article →
Cell phone calls 3 Important Methods to make Cheap Cell Phone Calls
Article added: 28 September 2011
You may think that calling from mobile or cell phone could be very expensive but it’s actually not. Literally, there are three methods to make your cell phone calls very cheap; VOIP software, calling cards and access numbers. The numerous services are discussed clearly in this written article which would be very useful to you. When there is an opti... read entire article →
Phone calls Prepaid Calling Card – Companies That People Trust
Article added: 18 September 2011
Internet shopping has enabled you to choose and buy variety of products and services with a few clicks of the mouse. You can also purchase discounted prepaid telephone calling cards from the online stores to make long distance and international calls. But first time buyers of prepaid calling cards may find it difficult to choose among the so many s... read entire article →
Communication world Calling Cards – Facts You Must Know
Article added: 12 September 2011
Communication advancements have made people across the planet to come closer and express their views more comfortably. Everyday new devices and gadgets are being introduced. Since the dawn of civilization man has tried different means to express oneself. Nowadays, communication methods have been simplified with new innovative products. The telecomm... read entire article →
Travel phone cards Travel Calling Cards Advantages
Article added: 4 September 2011
It might happen that you are traveling to some other country, and you wish to talk to your wife. But alas! You are unable to connect. Though you have a cell phone but you do not have international roaming facility. Again calling from other telephone sources will make you crazy with tremendous high call rates. So to avoid such difficult situations, ... read entire article →
 Prepaid Calling Cards – Great Way to Manage Personal Communication Budget
Article added: 30 August 2011
Everyday new technological innovations are making our life easier and comfortable. The world has become a global village today where every individual member of the society contributes and shares the knowledge, and is also interdependent. Communication facilities have revolutionized our activities. Hundreds of communication tools are available to pr... read entire article →
Worldwide calls Prepaid Calling Cards for Convenience
Article added: 24 August 2011
Prepaid telephone calling cards have now become very popular among all sections of the society. If we wish to trace back the origin of calling cards, we have to travel though a time machine and land in the year 1975, Italy. At that time there was an acute shortage of coins which became an obstacle for using pay phones. Thus the use of phone cards b... read entire article →
Phone bill Do Not Worry About Your Telephone Bills – Use the Prepaid Phone Cards
Article added: 19 August 2011
Now-a-days, travelling to a long distance country or abroad has become very casual. Mostly, the businessmen frequently travel to different locations in the world and they always want to be in network with their office most of their time. Even, the regular job persons travel to different countries during their vacation holidays. At that time, they w... read entire article →
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