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iPhone raids BlackBerry 10 keyboard magic
News added: 13 May 2012
Could the iPhone raid one of RIM&8217;s own handsets are even near the shelves? If the iOS developer behind Octopus Keyboard has his way, it will: Mario Hros has been telling iDownloadBlog about the custom iPhone &8217;s been cooking up, borrowing the floating auto-prediction system RIM demonstrated at BlackBerry World and slapp... read entire news →
Mobile Phone and Tablet Chip Markets Continue to Explode, Poised for Double ...
News added: 11 May 2012
FARMINGTON, Conn., May 10, 2012 -- FARMINGTON, Conn., May&xA0; RF transceivers ($3.7 billion), RF power amplifiers ($3.6 billion), image sensors ($2.9 billion),&xA0; touch-screen controllers ($2.7 billion).For startups and smaller companies, the market for cellular peripheral chips presents more profitable opportunities than these major core mark... read entire news →
Nielsen: Smartphone owners surpass 50 percent mark
News added: 7 May 2012
A Nielsen research survey shows more than half of all U.S. mobile subscribers owned smartphones during March, up from 47.8 percent in December. During the first quarter, Nielsen said more 48 percent of all smartphone owners used Google’s Android, followed by 32 percent using iOS. In its highest market share standing so far this year... read entire news →
Android lost money in 2010 according to US judge
News added: 4 May 2012
With Google and Oracle battling in court over Java trademarks that Google allegedly infringed on for Android, all sorts of information is coming out about Android. Talk of how much money Android made for Google came up during the damages hearing between Oracle and Google. According to facts that came up during the trial it appears Android lost mone... read entire news →
Nokia pinning hopes on new tablets and mobile devices
News added: 3 May 2012
Nokia's Lumia lineup (Credit: Nicole Lee/CNET) Nokia is planning to unveil a host of tablets and "hybrid" smart mobile devices in an attempt to revive its sluggish mobile business. In an interview published today by the Financial Times (registration required), current chairman Jorma Ollila tried to excite consumers and investors with promises ... read entire news →
Smartphone screens are getting bigger
News added: 3 May 2012
Computerworld - Smartphone screens are getting larger, although vendors will likely continue to offer many sizes to woo a wide variety of users. Today's popular iPhone 4S touchscreen is 3.5 in. diagonally, putting it on the smaller end of today's smartphone screens. In fact, the iPhone screen has remained at 3.5 in. since it debuted in 2007. In com... read entire news →
Apple, Samsung Dominate the Smartphone Market: 10 Reasons Why
News added: 3 May 2012
Apple, Samsung Dominate the Smartphone Market: 10 Reasons Why ( Page 1 of 2 )When evaluating the smartphone market today, its hard to get excited about products from any other company than Apple or Samsung. It seems that countless vendors are trying their hardest to make a mark in the mobile space, but devices like the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II co... read entire news →
What Android might bring us from CTIA
News added: 3 May 2012
Next week as wireless fans descend on New Orleans for the annual CTIA Wireless how, we'll get one more peek at how the mobile landscape will unfold over the coming months. Previously held in March, but moved to May for 2012, the three-day event takes a North American focus while including the wireless movers and shakersfrom aorund the world. At... read entire news →
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