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Nokia Nearby app adds location services to smartphones
News added: 15 October 2012
IDG News Service - Nokia's Nearby location app has exited beta testing, and is now available in the phone maker's app store, as it continues to push location services across its range of phones. Nearby is a free Web-based application for finding the nearest pub, coffee shop, ATM, transit station and more. Users can save and share places they like,... read entire news →
How Cell Phones Have Changed Your Budget
News added: 12 October 2012
As technology has advanced throughout the 21st century, mobile phones have morphed from functional devices used solely for voice English: Mobile phone evolution &1091;&1089;&1080;&1069;&1086;&1102;&1080;&1084;&1073;&1083;&1085;&1093; &1077;&1077;&1086;&1086;в (Photo credit: Wikipedia) into sophisticated portable computers. Smartphone users a... read entire news →
Microsoft says Motorola Android phones infringe its mapping patent
News added: 11 October 2012
IDG News Service - Microsoft is suing Motorola Mobility in Germany over a mapping patent that Microsoft alleges covers the Google Maps app that ships on Motorola phones. The two parties meet each other in court on Thursday, the regional court of Munich said. According to Microsoft, some products sold by Google-owned Motorola Mobility infringe on a... read entire news →
Nokia's Elop: Lumia is “a step above” HTC's Windows Phones
News added: 4 October 2012
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has dismissed concerns that the Lumia 920 will suffer from not being Microsoft&8220;signature&8220;ambiguous.&8217;s more to Lumia than just Windows Phone itself. &8221; the chief exec told Wired, &8221; That &8221; could consist of wireless charging, location-based services, photography under the PureView brand, ... read entire news →
T-Mobile To Merge With MetroPCS
News added: 4 October 2012
I'm a T-Mobile customer, and as much as I'm glad the merger with AT&T didn't go through, I'm sad that it didn't. Chicago is a tricky market and the cell coverage isn't what it should be. Despite what the coverage maps of <pick a carrier> might say, there are large areas of weak or uneven coverage all over the place. The failed merger could ha... read entire news →
Sony PlayStation Mobile launches for Vita and select Android devices
News added: 3 October 2012
Sony is looking to ramp up their mobile efforts even more by introducing PlayStation Mobile, a new service that allows gamers to play a handful of games across different mobile platforms. The service will allow you start a game on one device (like the Vita), and pick up where you left off on another device (like an Android smartphone or tablet). ... read entire news →
Apple may need an iPhone 6 sooner rather than later
News added: 3 October 2012
Will iPhones and iPad be available in more shapes and sizes? (Credit: Apple/CNET ) For Apple, the hits keep coming. The company launches a new iPhone and 5 million people snag one over the weekend. An iPad Mini, expected to debut later this month, could get into the hands of 10 million users before the end of the year. And this is despite the fact... read entire news →
What happened to the HTC Hero Device strategy?
News added: 2 October 2012
Back in January of 2012 a message was released by HTC’s UK chief Phil Robertson that made it clear how the manufacturer would be limiting the amount of devices they&8211; what happened to that promise? The words relayed back then made it seem as though HTC would be going Apple&8211; or perhaps a small collection of phones &8211; what happened... read entire news →
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