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Apple fanboys fight back against Samsung
News added: 15 September 2012
He&image2image3# (Credit: Samsung) read entire news →
Smartphone race split three ways
News added: 15 September 2012
The next-generation smartphone market is a three-way race between Apple’s iPhone 5, Microsoft’s Windows 8 phones and Google’s Android 4.0x-based devices With the launch of iPhone 5, the die has been cast for an intense competition among smartphones. With Apple&8217;s upcoming Windows 8 mobile phones will be the dark horse. T... read entire news →
Smartphone Ads and Their Drawbacks
News added: 14 September 2012
AT two inches wide and one-third of an inch tall, a display ad shown on a smartphone isn’t much of a canvas for a creative marketer seeking to promote a product or service. Enlarge This Image Johanna Goodman That’s one reason smartphones are not working well as a medium for many advertisers. The evidence is telling: advertisers are... read entire news →
Alibaba: Google just plain wrong about our OS
News added: 14 September 2012
(Credit: Google) Chinese search giant Alibaba is disputing Google's claim that Alibaba's new Aliyun operating system is a forked and incompatible version of Android and thus can't be used by phone maker Acer. In a blog post yesterday, Google's Andy Rubin said "the Aliyun OS incorporates the Android runtime and was apparently derived from Android."... read entire news →
Apple, Google Will Take 98 Percent of Mobile Market in 2012: Analyst
News added: 12 September 2012
Applefresh off of its launch of the iPhone 5and Google continue to grow their dominance in the mobile marketplace, having positioned themselves to capture as much as 98 percent of mobile device sales by the end of 2012. That bold prediction comes from financial research firm Global Equities Research, just a day after Apple's flashy Sept. 12 announ... read entire news →
Unlocking Your iPhone Could Save You Big, At Home And Overseas
News added: 12 September 2012
Once you unlock your iPhone, you can swap in SIM cards from cheaper or better carriers or for far better deals when traveling internationally. Photo: Wikipedia Yesterday I wrote at length here about my personal issues and long-term frustrations with AT&T, and how that led me to decide to unlock my iPhone and switch carriers. This is where the ... read entire news →
Apple patents may point to what's next for iPhone
News added: 10 September 2012
IDG News Service - Imagine a smartphone that can go weeks without needing its battery recharged. Apple owns the patent for a fuel cell system to power a portable computer, and that patent may be one to watch as the company rolls out new versions of its iPhone, according to a new report from Thomson Reuters. Apple filed for the fuel cell patent in ... read entire news →
Get a Samsung Galaxy S III Android phone for $99.99
News added: 10 September 2012
The Samsung Galaxy S III is a CNET Editors' Choice winner. (Credit: CBS Interactive) It might seem crazy to buy a smartphone the day before Apple unveils its new model, but hear me out. See, not everybody loves Apple, and not everybody loves the iPhone. (I know, heresy, right?) For those folks, tomorrow is just a Wednesday. What matters today ... read entire news →
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