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2011: The year of the Android OS
News added: 10 December 2011
Microsoft might have sold hundreds of millions of Windows 7 licenses, and Apple might be managing to to persuade tens of millions of people to buy iOS-powered devices every quarter, but the real winner when it comes to operating systems in 2011 as been Android, Google&8217;t surprise me if by this time next year Google is activating 1 million new ... read entire news →
OnTrion's New Mobile Phone Batteries Extend Talk Data Time and Save Money ...
News added: 9 December 2011
Smart phone users who are frustrated by their batteries' inability to keep pace with their habit may want to investigate the new OnTrion line of branded mobile phone batteries. All of OnTrion's premium and extended OEM-quality batteries are manufactured with a full commitment to getting the most talk and data time out of all the popular cell phone... read entire news →
Google Currents reader app: Hands-on first impressions
News added: 9 December 2011
Google Currents delivers content from some of your favorite publications in a new, polished format made specifically for mobile consumption. But can it compete with the slickness of market-leading Flipboard? Check out our hands-on test to find out.Google today released its highly-anticipated news reader app, Google Currents, which aims to take on ... read entire news →
Google's Schmidt predicts developers will prioritize Android over iOS in 6 months
News added: 7 December 2011
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has said he believes mobile developers will prioritize the Android platform over Apple's iOS in the next six months, as the market shifts away from iPhone-centric development. Schmidt made the comments in Paris, at the LeWeb conference, on Wednesday, according to CNet. He said he believes the high volume of Android sh... read entire news →
AMD Supporting Project to Bring Android to PCs: Report
News added: 6 December 2011
Advanced Micro Devices reportedly is backing an open-source project that is looking to port Googles Android operating system onto PCs powered by x86-based processors. Meanwhile, officials with AMD rival Intel are saying that the goal of their joint efforts with Google is not to bring Android to PCs, but to enable it to run on mobile computing devi... read entire news →
Has HTC peaked?
News added: 6 December 2011
HTC and Verizon Wireless drummed up some attention for the Rezound launch, but the Motorola Razr is Verizon&image2# So what's going on here? HTC has made huge strides building a brand and successfully capitalizing on the increasing popularity of Android. It has managed to set itself apart with its Sense user interface, which adds a splash of cons... read entire news →
Xamarin developer tools reach Android 4.0, tablets
News added: 6 December 2011
Mono for Android lets programmers write native Android software using Microsoft& programming language. (Credit: Xamarin) Xamarin, a company seeking to extend Microsoft's .Net programming technology beyond Microsoft's operating systems, has released a version of its developer tools that can work with the latest version of Google's Android operatin... read entire news →
Serious security flaws discovered in Android phones, Samsung and HTC ignore issue
News added: 6 December 2011
The ease and ability of Android licensees to modify the software they install on their smartphones has opened vast security holes that enable rogue apps to record calls, monitor users' locations and access sensitive data without permission, researchers say, noting that while Google and Motorola acknowledge the issues, HTC and Samsung have ignored... read entire news →
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