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Competition Sets a High Bar for Apple's iPhone 5
News added: 11 September 2012
Over the last 10 days, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia announced new smartphones ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 event on Wednesday.  Amongst the three, the bar has been set high for Apple, and attention has been drawn to certain features that have become the de rigueur for smartphones. Nokia introduced the Lumia 920.  Whether you are a Noki... read entire news →
iPhone 5 With NFC: Is This What the Mobile-Payment Market Needs?
News added: 11 September 2012
With the arrival of the iPhone 5, a necessary piece of the mobile payments puzzle may snap into place. Apple is expected to include near-field communication (NFC) technology in the smartphone, just as Samsung has included it in its Galaxy S III and other new devices, and Motorola and Nokia included it in the smartphones each introduced last week. ... read entire news →
Nokia Lumia Advertising Debacle Could Have Silver Lining
News added: 10 September 2012
Nokia's seemingly boring bicycle footage has succeeding in getting the brand some attention, though likely not the type the Finnish phone maker was hoping for. On Sept. 6., Nokia issued an apology, saying that in the video it posted Aug. 29, it should have included a disclaimer, explaining that it showed a representation of the optical image stab... read entire news →
US judge: HTC patents likely valid in Apple suit
News added: 10 September 2012
A U.S. trade judge has hinted that Apple may struggle to invalidate patents owned by HTC, which could potentially lead to an import ban on the latest iPad and the forthcoming iPhone. According to Bloomberg, U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) Judge Thomas Pender said in Washington on Thursday that "clear and convincing means something to me,... read entire news →
Amazon, Google: What the New Kindles Could Mean to Their Relationship
News added: 8 September 2012
As Amazon continues to build its new Kindle mobile tablet devices using Google's Android operating system and selling them in the same market as Google's Nexus 7 devices, the two companies could find themselves competing directly more and more in the marketplace. So will Amazon and Google end up battling in the future, just like Apple and Google h... read entire news →
Hope Springs Eternal: RIM, Nokia Rally; iPhone 5 Looms
News added: 7 September 2012
Funny things happen in the closing hours of trading on Friday afternoons. Let’s take, for instance, today’s sharp rally in shares of two of the tech sector’s most endangered companies: Nokia and Research In Motion. Here we have two companies that are struggling for their very survival in a smartphone market that is dominated by t... read entire news →
HTC One X+ specs pop up on Twitter
News added: 7 September 2012
A list of specs for the rumored HTC One X+ have popped up on the Twitter account of anonymous XDA developer. We&image18216;s new Tegra 3+ AP37 1.6GHz quad-core / 1.7GHz single-core processor. We&8217;s Desire 4.5. Naturally, it&8217;ve heard in the past. Also worth pointing out is the fact that this is the same developer who outed the name of the H... read entire news →
HTC may intro two tablets at September 19 event
News added: 6 September 2012
Will this 10.1-inch device be part of HTC's next big unveiling? (Credit: Twitter @evleaks via HTC Source) HTC may have two Android tablets for their upcoming September 19 press conference, if recent chatter is to be believed. According to rumors making the rounds this week, HTC is working on a 7-inch Flyer/Evo View 4G successor that will be ba... read entire news →
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