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Welcome to our website - Here you can buy telephone cards for overseas calls in South America, North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa.
Calling cards are a great tool for a very cheap and high quality communication with family, friends and business colleagues via telephone connection. We select for you the best solution for you to be able to make international calls at the best price. You only need to select the country in which you are now and the country, in which you want call and we show a list of various phone cards.
Buying prepaid calling cards online is vrey simple as 1-2-3:
1) Select a phone card that you liked the price and quality.
2) Register on our website and pay for your purchase.
3) Get PIN of your telephone card and other necessary information to your e-mail immediately.
Thanks that you have visited our site and have taken advantage of our services. We hope that you like to use our shop of telephone cards and you will return to us again.
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North America: USA, Canada, Haiti, JAmaica, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Barbados, Nicaragua, etc.

South America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Suriname, Chile, Uruguay, French Guiana, etc.

Europe: UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Finland, Norway, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, etc.

Asia: India, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Iraq, Indonesia, Kuwait, etc.

Africa: Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Togo, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Niger, Senegal, Guinea, Angola, Libya, etc.

Australia: New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Guam, American Samoa, Tonga, Micronesia, Kiribati, Cook Island, etc.

Web callback
You need to enter your phone number, then telephone number of subscriber, and simply wait for your phone ring. We will immediately connect you.
SMS callback
The same as the web callback, but for communication with a subscriber you need to send an SMS code.
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Prepaid wireless recharge
This service allows customers to refill prepaid mobile phones. Such cellular operators are supported: AT&T, Alltel, T-Mobile, TracFone, STI Mobile, Verizon-Wireless.
Prepaid conference
You can setup conference calls instantly with unlimited numbers of subscribers. An excellent solution for small and large businesses!
From PC to phone
To make long distance calls from PC to any phone. You only need speakers or headphones and a microphone.




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Responses of our clients

Posted by Jimm Tolver: I use your internet shop on sale of prepaid phone cards for over a year. My profession interpreter obliges me to travel extensively around the world. International phone cards are great help to save money when calling home. I use AT&T calling card, it is a bit more expensive than other prepaid cards, but AT&T allow the calls from the greatest number of countries.

Posted by Veronica Oliver: My husband and I went this summer vacation in Turkey and my friend advised me to use long distance phone cards to call home. I bought the cheapest calling card Hello from UK. During the week-long vacation, we have not been able to spend $ 10, but called home every day.

Posted by Vencent Flake: Our company specializes in industrial construction and have to send our workers to remote areas of the USA, as well as in other countries - Canada, Brazil, Argentina and others. Previously to connect with our workers we used conventional phones and we had to pay a lot of money. Once we began to use cheap cards our costs for international calls have fallen significantly. Now we mainly use the phone cards Bizon, Simply and Partner.

Posted by Barry Miller: My son went to study in England and I need to maintain contact with him. We normally communicate by email, but still it is no substitute for communicating by telephone, when half the information goes through the emotions. We use the Hello from UK card, which liked the quality and low price.

Posted by Frank Stone: How to call to USA from India? I asked myself this question when I went on a business trip to India. I found your web store selling low cost phone cards, buy the cheapest AT&T phone card and tried to call to India from USA to talk with partners of our firm. I really liked the quality of connexion and especially the price of international calls.