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Apple's iPhone 5 prepares to take flight: Will it blow away the competition?
News added: 3 September 2012
(Credit: Illustration: James Martin/CNET) Now that the date has been confirmed, Sept. 12 could be a historic day for Apple. The iPhone will get more than a bigger screen and faster connectivity, which many competitors already have.  It will also sprout wings and fly like a drone, capturing images in flight and returning to its owner like... read entire news →
The 'entry-level' Android smartphone is no slouch
News added: 3 September 2012
The $50 Pantech Flex might have fetched $200 or more last year. (Credit: Pantech) commentary Take a look at the recent Android smartphone announcements from the middle of 2012 and you'll see quite a few devices at $99 or below. Does this mean that consumers are being subjected to a barrage of shoddy hardware with poor specifications? Hardly. Funny... read entire news →
Nokia and JBL announce new portable NFC speakers for Lumia
News added: 29 August 2012
Today Nokia announced that it has teamed up with JBL to introduce a new line of speakers meant to be paired with the Lumia. The full name of this new line is called &8221; and they appear to be real attention-getters. In a post on Conversations with Nokia, the company&image18217;re thinking that the color has more to do with that than anything else... read entire news →
Nokia: Apple/Samsung Ruling No Panacea; Shrs Retreat
News added: 27 August 2012
Easy come, easy go. On Monday, Nokia shares spiked 17 cents, or 5.5%, as investors speculated that the struggling handset maker might benefit from Friday’s news that a U.S. jury had found Samsung to be in violation of a variety of Apple patents. The thinking apparently was that anything that could lead Uncle Sam to barring the sale of at lea... read entire news →
How Apple's victory over Samsung will affect you: The good and the bad
News added: 26 August 2012
We go over the many ways Apple's $1 billion victory over Samsung could hurt Android users, and a few ways it could help.On Friday, a jury of nine unanimously decreed what we already knew: Samsung copied the iPhone. Samsung got greedy and made smartphones, for a while, that hit a little too close to Home for Apple. Samsung phones mimicked everythin... read entire news →
Apple Victory Won't Slow Android, Analyst Contends
News added: 26 August 2012
One of the larger questions yet to be answered in the wake of Apple‘s huge patent litigation victory over Samsung on Friday is what the case might mean for Google Android-based devices more broadly. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster asserts in a research note that the long-term impact of the case on the progress of Android will be limited. ... read entire news →
Apple-Samsung Case Shows Smartphone as Legal Magnet
News added: 24 August 2012
The smartphone in your hand is a marvel of innovation, packing sophisticated computing and communications technologies into a sleek digital device. What the Verdict Said * Samsung violated a series of Apple's patents related to the software and design of mobile devices. * Apple's patents were valid. * Apple did not violate any of Samsung's pat... read entire news →
Apple's $1049343540 victory: Google, don't tread on me
News added: 24 August 2012
Complete coverage: Apple v. Samsung, a battle over billions Samsung Electronics isn't the only one stinging from today's overwhelming defeat at the hands of Apple; this is a massive blow to Google and Android too. A San Jose, Calif., district court jury today awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages after it found Samsung had willfully copied t... read entire news →
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