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What's going on with HTC?
News added: 21 August 2012
If we cast an eye back and look at HTC’s high point &8211; we can also see it was a distant third to Apple and Samsung. Many analysts have suggested that HTC’s real failing has been an inability to compete with Samsung’s marketing spend. The brand HTC built is a premium one and as support for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy ph... read entire news →
Three sites seized after pirating Android apps, DOJ says
News added: 21 August 2012
The Justice Department's site warning. (Credit: U.S. Department of Justice) The U.S. Department of Justice has taken aim at three sites that allegedly pirated Android apps. According to the law-enforcement agency, it seized three Web sites --,, and -- that were allegedly offering copies of copyrighte... read entire news →
Apple urges users to stick with iMessage to avoid iPhone SMS spoofing
News added: 17 August 2012
Apple on Saturday officially responded to reports that its latest mobile operating system remains vulnerable to text message spoofing, recommending that customers use its more secure iMessage service instead. A hacker on Thursday drew headlines when he urged Apple to plug a hole in iOS that could allow malicious individuals to send text messages... read entire news →
iPhone 5 Must Have a Huge Launch to Stay Ahead of Rivals
News added: 17 August 2012
The latest predictions are that Apples September 12 launch of the iPhone 5 will be the biggest in history, at least according to Peter Misek from Jefferies research. The firm is predicting that Apple will have about 15 million iPhone 5 devices in inventory by mid-September, enough to satisfy at least the initial demand. The company also noted that... read entire news →
The ABCs of Apple v. Samsung
News added: 12 August 2012
If you're just checking into Apple v. Samsung...too bad. Too often patent disputes are mired in arcane legal arguments and mind-numbing technical detail. Related posts Key Samsung designer barred from testifying in Apple case Frustrated judge orders Apple, Samsung counsel to meet today Apple hammers 'copycat' theme with more internal docs 201... read entire news →
Only a very smart phone maker can survive in today's fickle market
News added: 10 August 2012
A few years ago people used their mobile phones to make calls and, if they were feeling adventurous, to send the odd text. Not any more. These days we take for granted the mini-PCs in our pockets that can play our favourite songs and TV shows; they can even help you find yourself (if you get lost).Consumers are hooked on their phones and, surveys ... read entire news →
Google is Samsung's stealth partner in anti-Apple litigation tips insider
News added: 9 August 2012
Google has been giving stealth support to Samsung in its ongoing patent battle against Apple, though the Android maker apparently refuses to be more vocal in the confrontation. Although a Samsung win would be to the benefit of Google and other Android OEMs, the search giant has purposely taken a low-key role according to CNET&image18217;s Andr... read entire news →
HTC Doomed? Strategies It Should Try
News added: 7 August 2012
The Wall Street Journal has a really interesting article on HTC's current state of affairs. It ain't good, kids. In fact, prospects for the once-dominant smartphone manufacturer look kind of bleak. I remember back in the day--circa 2003-2004--when HTC was the unknown genius OEM behind i-mate, a converged PDA-phone device out of Dubai. The Pocket P... read entire news →
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