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Olympics puts mobile communications technology to the test
News added: 26 July 2012
From the BBC: London 2012: All Olympics news Sport: Reports, reaction, news Weather: UK five-day forecast Official Olympic travel links: Traffic and travel in London Travel info for other Games locations Traffic updates via Twitter @GAOTG "It&image3039;s iPlayer will adjust throughput speeds [affecting video quality] depending on t... read entire news →
Android comes under fire from game developers on piracy
News added: 24 July 2012
Dead Trigger in Google Play Store recently dropped its price from $0.99 to free because of illegal downloads. (Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET) Madfinger Games recently lowered the price of its Dead Trigger game from $0.99 to free on the Google Play Store. The reason, it announced, was because of the "unbelievably high" amount of illegal down... read entire news →
Intel's Clover Trail chip isn't optimized for Android
News added: 23 July 2012
IDG News Service - Intel isn't actively porting Android to work on tablets based on the upcoming Atom chip code-named Clover Trail, which is purpose built for Microsoft's Windows 8, according to a source familiar with the company's plans. Initial tablets using Clover Trail will launch later this year, and will coincide with the release of Microsof... read entire news →
'Permanent' SIM Unlock For AT&T iPhones is Now Available
News added: 22 July 2012
Follow @appadvice Apple N Berry – the online parts vendor that also sells iPhone unlock solutions such as GEVEY Ultra – has a new product on the market, which promises to provide AT&T iPhone owners with a permanent unlock solution for their on-contract smartphone handset. As many jailbreakers will already know, software unloc... read entire news →
Beats Audio Buys Back Stake In Itself from HTC
News added: 22 July 2012
HTC and Beats Audio aren't calling their partnership quits. However, Beats has bought back half of HTC's shares in the company to give itself a 75-percent ownership instead of a 50/50 split with HTC. The move should allow HTC to keep a bit more change in its coffers; According to Slashgear's Chris Davies, HTC's 50-percent investment initially cos... read entire news →
Apple Loop: Earnings Tally, Thermonuclear War on Android and Early iPad Prototypes
News added: 21 July 2012
Keeping you in the loop on a few of the things happening around Apple this week. By the numbers. Apple reports third-quarter results next week and analysts are mixed about whether the report will be received favorably. On the one hand, they predict that iPhone sales will be better than expected, with good activation numbers by Verizon this week su... read entire news →
When good Android apps go bad -- a security lesson
News added: 20 July 2012
Nicholas Percoco, head of Trustwave's SpiderLabs, managed to turn a legitimate Android app into malware without alerting the malware detection system. (Credit: Trustwave SpiderLabs) Security researchers testing Google's Bouncer malware detection system for Android apps have managed to submit a benign app and then slowly update it to add malicious... read entire news →
The Real Reason for Nokia's 18% Bounce in Helsinki - Asha
News added: 19 July 2012
  Soon after posting its 2Q12 report, Nokia shares were up 18% in Helsinki. Much of the rise was attributed to the fact that Nokia managed to sell 4 M Windows phones during the quarter, about a million units above consensus. The Lumia phone sales volume helped the smartphone unit ASP to tick up a surprising 10 euros to 151 euros YoY. This is f... read entire news →
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